Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 66: The Dragon Slaying Hero Arrives! Release Date

This month, Record Of Ragnarok Chapter 66 is coming up with one of the most exciting outings of the manga. The previous chapter saw a saddening defeat of the God candidate Hades. All eyes were upon the God of the Underworld. However, it was the other King that ended up winning the match. And now, […]

Ao Ashi Chapter 301: Destiny Of Esperion Youth Club! Release Date

Ao Ashi Chapter 301 will be full of soccer action and suspense. The previous outing of the manga set up the back story for the upcoming chapter of the manga. Currently, Shiba is ready to make the announcement of his retirement at the Esperion practice facilities. At the same time, the Esperion youth team is […]

Demon Slayer Gift Ideas You’ll Love

Product Link : Amazon  We, Demon Slayer Fans love a good day : sitting in our favorite chair, sipping our favorite beverage and just marveling at our collection of Demon Slayer collectibles. Our love for this anime and manga series takes us away into ourselves, and reminds us of the power we posses.  See, Demon …

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11 Best Naruto Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones 

There are few gifts that can beat a well-thought-out Naruto gift. Man, Naruto gifts slap differently, especially when they are based on our favorite Naruto characters.   See,  The Naruto gifts help us embody the powers and abilities of our favorite characters – think about the power of the nine tailed fox, the copy wheel eye, …

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20 Awesome Gifts for Anime Lovers

 Product Link : Amazon  You can’t begin to understand how we, Anime and Manga fans, love well-thought-out gifts. Like we LOOOVE anime gifts.  And by well-thought-out, we mean anime and Manga gifts that resonate with our favorite anime  characters and series – remember that time you gave one of us a relevant anime gift and …

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