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World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2: Chikako’s Sniper Training! Release Date

The most-anticipated third season of World Trigger finally premiered, and it managed to catch everyone’s attention with its very first episode. It started off pretty well, and now the fans are waiting for World Trigger Season 3 Episode 2. The title of its next episode is “Choice.” It seems like the new episode will come […]

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Florian Triangle: Everything to Know About One Piece’s Mysterious Sea

Florian Triangle is one of the greatest mysteries in One Piece. It is a demonic stretch of sea that must be sailed to travel from Water 7 to Fish-Man Island. Florian Triangle can be said to be the equivalent of Bermuda Triangle in One Piece. Unfortunately, the anime never described this place thoroughly. But the […]

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Shiroi Suno Na Aquatope Episode 15: Kukuru’s Work Report! Release Date

Fans of Aquatope on White Sand are looking forward to the next edition as it will bring much drama to the floors. The previous episode changed the course of events for Kukuru at the Tingaara. The first surprise was the fact that Fuuka was not leaving the country. Thus, they both worked together at the […]

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Kengan Omega Chapter 130: Rolon Overpowers Ohma! Release Date

Since the announcement of the third season of Kengan Asura, fans have been excited to watch their favorite franchise back on the screens. However, in the manga world, fans are still tensed about the fate of the match between the Kengan Association and Purgatory. In the previous edition, Rolon announced that he was going to […]