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The Apothecary Diaries #04 — Violating the Hippocratic Oath


I’m pretty sure you probably shouldn’t pour poison over people’s heads.

I think I’m done with Returner’s Magic. Just another very boring filler episode that was basically just generic training and the tiny dude spilling his tragic backstory of being sad about daddy.


Though this episode wasn’t all that good either; certainly the weakest of the four so far. It’s mostly a continuation of the first episode. That one bitchy woman is extremely sick, and it’s just because they’re still not just using the toxic makeup but going absolutely ham on it; completely covering her in it as she gets sicker. You’d think after one round of “bad makeup makes people sick,” that’d be the first thing they’d check and verify that they’re not using, or at the very least force everybody to get rid of it, but nope.

Learned helplessness for everybody except Maomao who gets to slap some people and then throw the poison in their faces before ordering the construction of a sauna for a nice schvitz. Aren’t we in the period of time where we’d be using leeches to bleed out the toxins? Also, why were the handmaids disobeying orders and covering her with poison not beheaded or whatever? Too extreme for a show where the premise is kidnapping girls and selling them into a sexual slavery compound? 


Next Episode:

Naked dudes sparring.

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