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Berserk Gluttony #05 — Suddenly, Scientists


Had this been episode 2, I probably would’ve thrown it in the bin long ago.


A very offputting episode, and I’m less than wild on the show as it is. The entire start was just plain idiotic. Oh no, you defeated my pathetic generic thugs. This must mean you’re some kind of monster. Oh wait, I know you, time to give a megalomanical speech about how you must be pathetic. Oops, there go all my limbs because of stats. It’s a jumble of all the worst of these RPG power fantasy bits, and you could have still done some dismembering and killing without all the dickwaving. Take a lesson from *sigh* that vampire show and have the dude repeatedly feign begging for mercy and then try to stab him in the back, losing a limb each time until saying something that makes Fate snap. Threatening that blonde he’s simping for, probably. Instead, as soon as Fate has power and opportunity, he gruesomely tortures and murders this dude. Power, responsibility, etc.

From there, it basically enters filler-land, literally, with some random scientists out of absolutely nowhere, until the last few minutes where he stops by his old hometown, full of 100% bullies, under monster invasion, as all towns in the world are, somehow, but one of them is sort of contrite. Or at the very least, willing to set aside his bully past to ask for help now. I’m a little surprised they didn’t just end the episode with Fate passing out and leave it implied that the dude did it, since that would add, you know, some suspense to the situation instead of a full minute of him yelling in confusion and then explanation from all three conscious sentients in the room. But compared to the first half, I’d much rather see him have some introspection and play with some kid.

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