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Shy #05 — Repeatedly Kidnapped


Did she actually learn anything from either segment?


Can we go to Antarctica and kill some zombie parents already? Did we really introduce an antagonist in the second episode just to have him go on vacation for most of the rest of the show? Maybe I wouldn’t mind these fillerish episodes if they had a bit more substance, or at least better substance. I’ll admit the deaf kid scene from the recent Helluva Boss is still in mind, but it provides a good contrast here to how disabilities are handled. Here, it is literally invisible and makes her ‘normal.’ Which carries with it the implication that handicaps should be invisible; that if they’re not essentially hidden and not troubling everybody else, that person isn’t trying hard enough. Or that with enough effort, they can be ‘normal,’ rather than that others need to not be dickbags about that stuff and instead make allowances. But also, that scene was just her popping off her leg and saying she did her bestest and overcame it. It’s incredibly reductive and superficial.

And then, for the second half of the episode, Teru wants to figure out her power, so she’s bullied into doing calligraphy. You know, as calligraphy clubs do. I don’t even know if these are meant to be recurring characters. I know that we didn’t even get their names, because the script itself decided to point that out. I don’t think that highlighting that was the wisest choice. Nor do I have any idea why calligraphy was the secret to unlocking her power or how that is going to help in any way. 


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