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The Kingdoms of Ruin #05 — Moon Jelly


More blood means more serious and grim and dark, right? 


How can you not laugh at this show? It wants to be so gory and dark and edgy and it’s just so goddamned silly. How many times exactly are they going to have a witch declare “We’ve won!” and then be decapitated from behind? After the fourth, you’d think they’d stop doing that. And they’re still not engendering any sympathy as they kill thousands with a wave of their hands while ranting about witch supremacy over the humans and how they wish they could be murdering even more if they could. Even when they declare that all witches have been killed, not five seconds later, a dozen more are just standing around to continue announcing what a massacre this is just to be again decapitated from behind. 

And then we have the antagonist of the week, the giant eared dude with the sister who want to bang each other, despite one being like twelve years old and a general in the army in charge of doomsday weapons that give everybody ultra cancer. They gave him a super sword that wiped out every single witch in the area, which was apparently also literally every witch on the moon. They were all here for this little ritual for some reason? There are no witch janitors or secretaries who might have had better things to do? Well, okay. He is, of course, thwarted by the protagonist, who has the power of A.) A gun, B.) Dodging, and C.) Punching. These three technologies are completely alien to the… alien moon witches, and give him the ultimate protagonist advantage. Also, for some reason, there’s a cowboy. How is anybody supposed to take any of this seriously?


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