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Attack on Titan FINAL Season [Parts 1 through 4b] Review — F

The fascists sure look cool in their uniforms while they murder people.

The last time I posted about this (years ago at this point?) the fanbase got really mad at me, but whatever. It’s still fascist and antisemitic.

This time, check out this excellent podcast from someone much more qualified to talk about it than me! (which includes an excellent synopsis and illustrations of how ridiculous the story is.) I’ll just add that this doesn’t get into some of the more Japan specific aspects, like Commander Pixis being modeled on an imperial army officer and the transparent position against the peace provision of the Japanese constitution.

In summary, Eren murdered 80% of humanity, but what’s worse is how he treated his girlfriend, and he had no choice because if we didn’t genocide them they’d genocide us. That’s just how the world works. You have to be realistic.

Storytelling – F – What a mess of an ending. The early seasons at least made you want to keep watching.
Voice – F – Fascism isn’t cool
Characters – F – Were Annie and Armin always a thing and I just forgot?
Attention Grab – F – Definitely did not keep my interest for the past ten years
Production – A – Looks amazing, wish they could have put this effort to something better.
Overall – F

Recommendations – Genocide is bad, don’t do it

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