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Third Window Films to Release “MAD CATS” and “RIVER” in the UK on Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital in 2024

Third Window Films have recently revealed that they plan to release Reiki Tsuno’s debut film MAD CATS, as well as a film by director Junta Yamaguchi known as RIVER, to Blu-ray and DVD next year within the UK.

MAD CATS | Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital | Region Free
Release Date: 29th January 2024

About: Taka, a shiftless young man, sets off on a quest to find his missing brother Mune. Teaming up with a quirky new friend and an edgy, mysterious young girl, Taka finds himself taking on a pack of vicious monster cats determined to execute unscrupulous pet shop owners. Why are the monster cats after him? Why was his brother captured? What is the purpose of this mysterious young girl? Mysteries are about to be revealed as the journey leads to a final showdown.

Bonus Features:
• Interview with director Reiki Tsuno
• Director feature audio commentary
• Behind the Scenes
• Rehearsal vs Fight comparison footage
• Trailer
• Reversible Sleeves

RIVER | Blu-Ray, DVD & Digital | Region Free
Release Date: 12th February 2024

About: The one-hundred-year-old Fujiya inn stands in the quiet region of Kyoto. Mikoto is standing in front of the Kibune river at the back of the building when she is called back to work. But two minutes later, she finds herself back at the river again. The whole inn seems to be stuck in a time loop!

Bonus Features:
• Interview with director Junta Yamaguchi
• 1 hour long Making Of
• Trailer

Further details about each of these releases can be found on the official Third Window Films website.

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