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Kingdoms of Ruin #07 — I’ll Have My Own Post-Apocalypse


There are pet velociraptors now?


I was settling in for a tedious, talky, angsty episode after the first five minutes or so, but man, I underestimated this show. I know I’m repeating myself, but how can you not laugh at this? Not that the director of the show is above making some “you thought it was rape” and groping jokes. They teleport themselves off into the desert where they’re picked up by a Mad Max society who’s just out there living their best lives, getting drunk and turning the apocalypse into a party. With booze, blackjack, and velociraptors. And the leader of this apocalypse? Punch. His name is Punch. He’s dressed like a chicken.

But our protagonist is too much of an angsty edgelord for this apocalypse. So he throws a huge tantrum. He needs a darker, edgier apocalypse so he can really get his brooding on, so he poisons them to… uh… take one gun and piss off without having to say goodbye? After all, poor people aren’t even human. Because, sure, it’s the apocalypse, but that’s no reason to not get all Randian. That’s just how edgy he is. Which makes Pinky so sad that she goes off to cry with the velociraptors, which is a sentence that’s just plain fun to write.  

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