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Weekly Digest 11/19/2023 – Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen, Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2

Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen – 07    

Long, boring fight.  Not much to see here, really.  I’ll check back in if TMR does anything worth writing up – for now, I’m out.


Mahoutsukai no Yome Season 2 – 19

If indeed that’s it for Tokyo Revengers at least for a while (we’ll see if the even-numbered episode thing holds next week) Mahoutsukai loses its dance partner for these digest posts.  That means it has to carry enough weight on its own, and while it’s certainly the better show (even if there has been a week or two this season where I’ve liked TMR better), I’ve had some pretty big dips in interest since Hogwarts started.  I imagine we’re at the point now where every episode is going to be meaningful, so hopefully that carries the season across the line.

As indifferent as I am about the whole Philomela storyline, at least stuff is happening with it now.   That confrontation between the Headmistress and Chise was an interesting moment.  I’m with Liza on this one – she’s got a responsibility to the whole student body and staff, and that trumps the interests of one girl who sold her soul to the devil.  But Chise is going to be Chise, for better and for worse – thank goodness Elias was around to keep her from going off half-cocked (and for those amulets).

Good puppy though she was, Chise is not going to let Philomela goo unrescued, and Elias has no loyalty to the college so he’s going to help.  Chise’s answer is to summon a dragon and head underground to search out Philomela’s sent, and Elias absorbs Lucy, Isaac, and Zoe (along with Zacherroni Bolognese) – who’ve insisted on tagging along – inside himself to follow.  It’s pretty obvious that Philomela’s grandmother has manipulated her into this with promises of reviving her parents, though what the old crone’s real goal is here isn’t yet clear.

The wild card here is the crow woman fairy, who’s someone you clearly don’t want to make eye contact with (like Kyoto monkeys).  What her role in all this is we don’t yet know, but she’s expecting payment from Chise – presumably for that dragon summons.  I don’t expect that will have been cheap, either…

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