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Migi & Dali – 9 [Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill]

Welcome all, to an eventful week of Migi & Dali! So… so very much happened, it’s kind of insane. If you ask me it’s easily the best episode of the show yet, keeping just enough weirdness to be charming to boot. So without further ado, lets dive into it!

Starting off, god that was a wild episode. Where do I even begin… How about Reiko, let’s pick up with her. While checking in with Eiji
as Sali to find out why he saved “Hitori”, Migi ends up revealing himself and setting Reiko on Dali and the Sonoyamas. Why? To protect her secrets of course. It’s unclear which she cares about more, protecting Eiji from having murdered Metry or her own inability to have children. Which, tangent, I called by the way. I guessed back during the weird baby stuff that Eiji and Karen weren’t actually her kids. She’s been stealing the children of others to raise as her own. All the clues were there and it makes this reveal feel rather good. Getting back on topic though, at the end of the day what matters is that she’s willing to kill for these secrets.

This naturally leads to Reiko being the first person in the village to discover the twins secret: They they are 2, rather than 1! Of course she plans to kill them both to protect her secrets and this gets dark really quick. Migi & Dali does the classic “Kill me not him” thing, and it’s actually rather sweet as Dali goes on about how Migi is the one who can truly enjoy this new life of theirs. Plus the show doesn’t pull punches when it comes to choking Dali out, I actually thought he was going to die for a minute there. It would solve a lot of the shows issues after all, Migi could live on after getting revenge as “Hitori” and no one in town would be the wiser. It would be tragic, but I love tragedy and this would be a good one. Regardless, Migi & Dali doesn’t go this direction.

Instead it has Micchan, the heroic maid, return to save the day! At first this felt very… convenient. She had been written out of the story, we had reason to suspect she was dead, what does her return really do here? Yeah we get a fun fight, some great back and forth insults as the two catty women insult each other, plus a fun story about her being buried alive. But that’s about it. In fact in some ways it undercuts Reiko’s threat, since Micchan didn’t actually die. But then Migi & Dali decides to stop screwing around and kill her for real this time, on screen, knife to the neck, blood everywhere. And this is what makes her return work for me. Micchan didn’t come back to save the twins, she was brought back to clearly and directly escalate the conflict while taking away another person the twins care for. And it worked.

Of course after having their secret discovered and their lives threatened the twins run away from Origon village. They take their bike and just… ride away. Dali still wants revenge, but they can’t go back to the village with their secret out and Reiko looking to kill them. Meanwhile Migi is lamenting the loss of the first real home he’s ever known. The Sonoyamas, Akiyama, the school, his first moment of real happiness. It’s all gone. And you know what? He refuses to accept that. Migi wants to go right on back, catch/deal with Reiko, reveal themselves to everyone, and live in the village together. As Migi and Dali, not Hitori. Where Dali has always been looking backwards, Migi looks forwards, and this is reflected even in how they ride the bike, switching places as they change direction. Great visual metaphore.

I’m getting ahead of myself though, this conflict of desire leads to the confrontation I’ve been wanting for a while now. These twins hold nothing back, yelling and punching each other for every perceived slight and mistreatment. Sali? How dare Dali toy with my heart. Akiyama? Were you trying to replace me Migi? Destroying his first birthday gift, forgetting their mother, caring more about pie, trying to sacrifice yourself. They let it all out and for the first time truly… talk about what they want from life, and how different they truly are despite being twins. I’m really glad Migi & Dali gave us this heart to heart. I was actually concerned at the start of this episode, it felt like Migi & Dali was just going to brush over their reunion. Instead it saved it for the climax of the episode, and it worked fantastically.

So yeah, all in all I think this was a fantastic episode of Migi & Dali. In fact I’d go so far as to call it my favorite. I said it at the top, this episode had all the weirdness I’ve come to enjoy about the show, though not to much let us never speak of the baby episode again, while also diving deep into the emotional heart of the show, the twins. Do I have any idea where it’s going to go from here? No, not at all. I suspect they are going to reveal Reiko to the village somehow but that’s it. However I’m confident that whatever Migi & Dali comes up with, it’s going to be a good time. I’m really looking forward to getting an actual ending to one of these seasonals for once.

P.S. How interested would people be if I began to include my episode notes at the end of these? They tend to be just 1 page of rambling nonsense, just idly thoughts written down while watching, but I figured they might be interesting to some. Let me know below!

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