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D&A’s Checkpoint Check-In (November 30, 2024)!

Well, December starts tomorrow; meaning that there’s only 31 days of 2023 left. Here we are in between holidays once again like we were last year…and the many, many years before. Next week will be our last convention of 2023; Ocean City Comic-Con in Ocean City, Maryland, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to stack con appearances for 2024 while meeting a few con runners there. Lately we’ve been doing our best to remain transparent about our needs in regards to the future of D&A, and where we want to go from here as a nerd multimedia brand. Somewhere down the line we’ll be making D&A Studios Entertainment as our primary brand, and having D&A Anime Blog as well as our Nerdz of the Decade Youtube podcast, as subsidiaries. (Since BASSMODE: Nerdz Nite Out is an independent event promotion, that’s financially powered by D&A Studios Entertainment, it will not be considered as a subsidiary.)

We’re looking for new ways for this project to make revenue in order to keep operating, of course due to the after effects of the pandemic, its been a slow climb. We’re thankful that we got the opportunity to return to the con circuit after a three-year hiatus, however with where we are on the financial side of things, we’ve decided to stay local; in terms of the anime and gaming conventions that we make appearances at. You probably won’t see us at your Anime Expo’s or Galaxycon’s or any of the major cons right now (not say we won’t attend in the future), but if you live in DMV (D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania), then you’ll run into us at those cons.

If we haven’t said it before, we want to thank all of our fans and fellow anibloggers, for all of your support you’ve given us over the years since the start of this project. We’re hoping we can continue to grow our brand, and be the best version of ourselves in the process.

Until next post, stay nerdy!

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