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Kingdoms of Ruin #09 — A Large Pile of Killer Sex Bots


Spare a thought for the poor tragic killer sex bots.


Clearly this show hasn’t lost its mind completely as we stumble into an abandoned city that has been overrun by sex androids that have been driven insane by their lack of orgasms and are now raping anything and everything that moves, including some corpses. And yet, there is not a dildo, vibrator, or even a convenient desk corner anywhere to be found. Truly the natural outcome of man’s hubris and the future that awaits us all. It certainly would have made the story of Overwatch more interesting. So they mercy kill them, throw them in a big pile, and then dig graves for them. Getting mixed messages here, guys.

And then there’s the B-roll of the episode, two random samurai banditos wandering around, one in high heels, who run into the cowboy dude, right before the cowboy dude finally catches up and flexes by beating up a helpless motorcycle. No, nothing about that sentence makes any sense even with the maximum amount of context. I don’t even know why the protagonist is still swearing vengeance against humanity when the space witch who lead the inquisition is essentially publicly bragging about how she brainwashed everybody to genocide her own kind. 

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