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Kodansha’s Manga Masters Bundle Available at Fanatical

Whether you are a newcomer to Digital Manga, or are looking to expand your Digital Manga collection, then Fanatical’s latest Manga Masters Bundle might be worth checking out. Starting today Fanatical have teamed up with Kodansha to offer a Digital Manga Bundle featuring titles such as Ghost in the Shell, Parasyte, Knights of Sidonia and many more.

In total 42 different Digital Manga books are being offered, with the amount awarded depending on the tier selected at purchase.

Tier 1 costs £1 and will grant access to 5 Books

Tier 2 costs £9.75 and will grant access to 20 Books (and includes books from Tier 1)

Tier 3 costs £17.25 and grants access to all 42 books (and includes books from Tier 1 & 2)

Full details about this Manga Masters Bundble can be found on Fanatical, but the bundle will only be available for a limited time. In addition those who purchase the bundle will also receive a 5% discount code on your next purchase at Fanatical.

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