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The Apothecary’s Diaries #09 — Day Drinking


I like how it looks like she’s just done with Japan.

Oh man, a telop (tsunami warning due to earthquake) in this day and age when 95% of the time, shows are just ripped from random streaming services. Talk about nostalgic. Or is only me?

Also, the Vampire Princess show is just plain off this week. Unrelated to the earthquake. Just doing a cast thing. Likely because it has a 13 episode timeslot but only 12 episodes, but who knows. 


Aaaanyway, another ostensibly mystery focused episode, but I maintain my position that this show does the whole ‘mystery’ thing completely wrong. There’s about two minutes of day drinking, one little experiment, and then a long monologue from Maomao who has solved the whole thing in 30 seconds of bustling around in the corner of a room totally unrelated to anything that happened. It was a little better than last week, since the two gremlins sparring/flirting with each other is better than just nonstop monologuing, but the neverending will-they/won’t-they of Japanese media that wants to stretch out a longing gaze for 26 episodes will never not exasperate me.

Then we leave that and visit some unrelated drowned woman. Any idea of gravitas is quickly discarded by the doctor dude making faces and boinging goofy noises in the background. Again, we get about two minutes of poking at the body and then three or four minutes of explanatory monologue, tinged completely red because we can’t have a conversation about death without proper mood lighting, no matter how blazingly red or long that the sun has to remain exactly at the horizon for.

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