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Shy #10 — Care Bear Stare


What? No random cars out of nowhere?


Man, this fight is really going to go on for the rest of this season, isn’t it? Really makes you wonder why all those random people got title billing in the OP when they apparently only were going to exist for five minutes. Anyway, the first half of the episode was spent further expanding the tragic backstory of a Russian orphan. Turns out it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns like the show previously indicated. Being poor and an orphan is depressing actually! Who could have guessed? And since we’ve abandoned subtlety, the second she gets a free cake, a random mugger jumps out and murders her, taunting her for her spoiled indulgence. You know, as muggers do.

Which just leads to the standard “My life sucked, so I’ll destroy the world.” We spent a goddamned month pussyfooting around just to get to that. And it is immediately defeated by Shy giving her own speech about how much she and drunky care about things. Just in general. Not even anything about trying to fight fire with ice. Just flaring auras at each other and yelling platitudes about caring and not being a nihilist. Choreography and the art of the battle quip is lost on this show, and just makes me want to watch… I don’t know… something like Horizon again, since I need to give the comparisons to Yozakura a break.

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