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Puzzle & Dragons Story Arrives on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade’s range of games continues to expand, as recently GungHo Online Entertainment have released the narrative-driven puzzle styled RPG Puzzle & Dragon Story onto the digital platform.

Inspired by the classic Puzzle & Dragons smartphone game this Apple Arcade version delivers a standalone narrative-focused experience instead of gacha mechanics found in the original smartphone edition. Available to all Apple Arcade subscribers, Puzzle & Dragons Story combines match-three puzzle gameplay with roleplaying elements, including dungeon exploration, creature collection, and progression. Players take on the role of a Root Hunter, adventuring through deadly dungeons to uncover the cause of a mysterious calamity that devastated the continent of Libra.

Players can explore three types of dungeons during their adventures:

Story: As Root Hunter, players must match three or more Orbs vertically or horizontally to command allied creatures of the same color as the erased Orbs to attack enemies. Successfully clearing a dungeon progresses the story.

Special: New Special Dungeons are added every week. Some creatures only appear within Special Dungeons, and defeating them offers a chance to collect their Roots.

Colosseum: The Colosseum offers high-difficulty challenges, with additional dungeons arriving in the future.

Further information about Puzzle & Dragons Story can be found on the official website, but in the meantime the game is now available for Apple Arcade.

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