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Helck – 22


Another week with no Helck, or indeed any of the power trio.  There were some interesting moments, as indeed there were in the last episode, but I’d be lying if I said I was really engaged most of the time.  All this is fine, you know.  But fine isn’t exactly the biggest compliment you can pay to a work of fiction.  I feel like there’s a lot of ambling and preambling going on given how late in the series we are, and I’m just ready for something major to happen.

On the Asta-Shalamy front, they continue their tea party and bonding exercise, where Asta eventually asks Shalamy to take her to the king and she agrees, but only if Asta helps her escape.  Shalamy is a big part of this whole awakening thing as it turns out – it her magical power that allowed the snow to spread the sickness.  But she’s subject t0 the mind control of the king just like almost everybody else.  But Rafeed is visibly pissed about the King using this power on Shalamy, going so far as to call him a “fallen king”.

Azudora and Mikaros continue their battle, which seems to favor Azudora in the short-term but Mikaros in the long.  Mikaros admits he can’t beat Azudora one on one, but opines that he doesn’t need to as long as he has the stronger army.  That includes Edil, who seems to be slipping free of the awakening mind control.  His interaction with Hyura is the most engaging part of the episode, even if it does play as a little far-fetched.  A human (well- former) falling in love with a demon is certainly well outside the scope of Mikaros’ plans, but he has a contingency plan in place, and this may be it for Edil.  And maybe Azudora too, though I’m certainly skeptical about that


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