Under Ninja Episode 10: Suzuki Vs. Saruta Round One! Eita In Trouble! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

While the crime continues to rise, Ranran learns that something more dangerous will occur. The previous episode has undoubtedly set the stage for the intense battle between Under Ninja and Ninjas. And Under Ninja Episode 10 suggests the face-off is about to take place. While the other Ninjas participate in this bloodshed, Hibi and Kuro will find themselves in another challenging situation. Can they make it to Kodan High School in time? It doesn’t seem like though. However, the upcoming episode hints at former rivalry, which will indeed take things to the next level. With such a high stake, whether the Ninjas will win this battle remains to be determined. Keep reading to find this out.

Under Ninja Episode 10: Return Of Former Lovers And Foes! What Will Happen Now?

Hibi and Kuro just reached Yanki High School to witness the heinous site. Well, the pair are surprised to see Eita in such a position. It leaves them in despair. However, in such a chaotic situation, the duo rushes to save Eita, only to encounter Yamada. With the situation turning intense between the trio, more chaos will take place at Kodan High School. Under Ninja Episode 10, titled “A Maiden’s Chest Is A Precious Thing,” hints at an intense battle between Saruta and the Suzuki, Hachiya, and Onikobe trio. Well, the former aims to massacre, which will ultimately create chaos in the school.


However, Under Ninja Episode 10 suggests that the former rivalry will also play a significant role. It has been revealed that Under Ninja Saruta still holds a grudge toward Suzuki for playing with his feelings during their academy years. So, it will be a face-off between them as he eagerly knocks her down. This old animosity will bring Saruta and Suzuki to the battleground, where the former will challenge her. But how he takes his revenge remains to be seen. Will he kill her?

A Quick Recap!

Previously, on Under Ninja Episode 9, Eita and Yamada went to Yanki High School. However, the latter created a scene, making everyone believe that Eita wasn’t on her senses. When a man approached to investigate the matter, Yamada knocked him down with Eita’s help. Meanwhile, Ranran worked on the invisibility suit that the murderer wore. She discovered that the suit was more advanced than the NIN had developed. It was later revealed that it could withstand a super high-strength sword attack while invisible.


After further scrutinizing, she realized the suit was designed for another purpose. Meanwhile, at Kodan High School, Onikobe, Suzuki, and Hachiya prepared for a battle. Ninja chief Kato also prepared to join them in this fight. The team later got help from the Director, too. Their main aim was to kill their adversaries before being caught. While they prepared for a battle, Under Ninja Saruta entered with a full-body invisibility suit. It soon led to a massacre at the school as he targeted innocent students. Well, the main goal was to create panic among the students and take almost a hundred lives. Back at Yanki High School, Hibi and Kuro found Eita tied up on the rooftop.

Under Ninja Episode 10: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, titled “A Maiden’s Chest Is A Precious Thing,” will explore the massive battle at Kodan High School and Yanki High School. But will someone die? You will learn it on Under Ninja Episode 10, which will air on December 8, 2023, at 2:45 am JST. The anime airs on its original broadcast network on TBS and BS11 in Japan. Meanwhile, the global watchers can catch it on Crunchyroll. This is all for now. Stay with The Anime Daily for more such updates.

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