Build From Nothing

“You build up something from nothing” Dr Stone does this so well.  

I am loving Dr Stone right now next part of Season 3, a constant good time since getting into this shonen. Apprehensive plot when first hearing about the plot, all of humanity is turned to stone and a young genius named Senku makes it mission to save humanity and builds a utopia called the Kingdom of Science. The series incorporates a fun, hilarious cast of characters into the Kingdom of science especially a village who becomes captivated in the world of science and Senku’s vision. Dr Stone made it fast into my top favourite shounen next to Dragonball z, possessing the traits I love from shows from this genre. Entertaining cast, exaggerated humor and stupid fun. Though Dr Stone has a upper hand unlike other shonen.

Learning Aspect

The process of learning in Dr Stone is truly fun and super educational. I don’t use the word super lightly, Senku’s explanations are something I’ve grown to anticipate when the lightbulb goes off all over his face, it’s the best. A prodigy that surprisingly makes the aspect of learning not to be a bore fest but encourages the mind to expand it’s mindset of what we think we know now. This is the first thing I fell in love with about Senku and the show. The tools of the internet, computers at our possession has changed the human race forever but Dr Stone brings up back to the basics because those roots always steer us in the right direction. All Senku has in the beginning is his mind and figure the rest out later approach. 

My parents have spoken of the time where computers weren’t even around and how they had to communicate, Dr Stone reminds that curiosity is such a vital feeling to life but with all the technology at our hands, I feel that exciting buzz is killed majority of the time. That’s why reading once again has become a constant vital in my life once again because a search engine cannot give me all the answers. Senku’s curiosity is infectious and enlightening reminded that learning has many methods. 

To The Top 


The Kingdom of Science started from nothing and flourished in a force to be reckoned with, the process of following I feel really binds to the saying “You Build Something From Nothing“. This can be an idea or change, Dr Stone takes this on in such a warming sentiment. The people that eventually join his party are full of reluctant nature and denial but are brought into Senku’s vision, his mission with ease because this is a person that never stops evaluating what is the next step to take. A trait about Senku again I love but sometimes leads to pig headedness haha. Unionance of the kingdom of science grows with each task completed and makes you attached to the characters more. Sacrifice and tears are always involved when building something from nothing, that is not spared to unpetrify the whole human race. Whether we wish to change something about ourselves or begin a new business, project what is required is drive, tears and sacrifice. Everyone in Senku’s party gives 100% and it is inspiring if you ask me. You cannot build up something without unionance which Dr Stone rides on that wave with ease and unease. Be cool having half of what the kingdom of science runs on, then maybe a lot of things would have improved dramatically in my life maybe haha. 

Dr Stone is a good beginner series into the Shonen world if you are entering into that for the first time. You will learn and laugh a whole damn lot, this series has more to offer than the premise gives off. Let your curiosity be your friend! 

I just wanted to highlight some of why this Shounen is a favourite and hope it might become one for you. Never know haha

See you in the next post! 

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