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The Kingdoms of Ruin #10 — Handsy Man


Why exactly was he carrying some random severed heads around?


Aaah, the prime comedy of the season, back to form. From juggling severed heads and making them kiss, to breakdance fighting a dude with a million rocket hands stuffed in his back, to turning into a giant hamster ball and rolling around. It’s like some kind of improv performance where the audience is shouting out random words and the writers then have to try to work them into the script somehow. I’m not even really clear on why they’re so eager to track down this wayward teen in the first place, or what the deal was with the rando head donors. Why are we getting so upset about them again?

And let me tell you, the budget for this show has not gotten any better. It is so sad seeing it trying to animate a dude doing a handstand spin amidst a storm of rocket punches and struggling. Or maybe the fact that it’s even trying at all to pull that off with less of a budget than Mappa spends overanimating one dude grunting up a punch. And this is with the episode being full of recap flashbacks too. Also, why exactly are we having a big ol’ elongated tragic ‘death’ montage for some eye gouging? She’s already died once, and I’m pretty sure they’re capable of magicking or sciencing up some new eyes anyway.  

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