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Vampire Princess #09 — Political Discord


When did gradient hair become such a thing?


It’s the start of a new arc, which means that it’s time for fanservice, bad comedy, spamming new characters, and incoherent rambling about the nonsensical geopolitical situation. First up is introducing some new rich lady combat type, same as the last arc, to pointlessly antagonize despite the valid reasons that she has for being pissed off at her. This one’s slightly less bellicose up front and just wants to conquer the world, with friends, but mostly, it just reminded me that they never actually resolved the situation with this flavor of character from the previous arc. They just dropped a rock on her and I guess forgot she existed, same as the other one.

Second is basically the same, but in a shrine maiden flavor going through the same song and dance; pointlessly antagonizing her by randomly blurting out over the top threats and lies at every opportunity instead of just… you know… sitting there, shutting up. This time, with the maid stirring the pot instead of random underlings. The comedy in this show has certainly not gotten any better, much less with a week off to stew. Nor were we given any reason at allto care, or even try to understand, why any of these alliances mean anything whatsoever despite spending an entire episode on them. So as usual, a pretty wasted first episode for presumably the last arc of this show. 

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