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Handyman Saitou in Another World, Revenger & SPY x FAMILY – Part 2 Blu-Rays Listed for March 2024 Release on Amazon UK

New product listings on Amazon UK have revealed that Crunchyroll (UK) are planning to release Handyman Saitou in Another World, Revenger, and SPY x FAMILY – Part 2 on Blu-Ray in the UK during March 2024, with SPY x FAMILY – Part 2 also receiving the Limited Edition treatment.

At the time of writing only the basic product information is listed, with no pictures or pricing, but each product listing does have an expected release date during March 2024. Links and details of each product can be found below:

4th March 2024:

Handyman Saitou in Another World – Complete Series (Blu-Ray):
Handyman Saitou has never felt special in his life. When he’s dropped into a medieval fantasy world, he gathers a party of unique beings to survive. Surrounded by a heavy warrior, a spell-forgetting wizard, and even a divine fairy princess, he yearns to be helpful. But after Saitou saves everyone during a raid, it’s clear that having a handyman on an adventure isn’t just useful, it’s essential!

Revenger – Complete Series (Blu-Ray):
Kurima Raizo swears vengeance after he’s misled into killing his prospective father-in-law. To reclaim his honor, Raizo joins the Revengers – a band of righteous assassins. Can these vigilantes aid in his redemption? Or is there merely more death to come?

11th March 2024:

SPY x FAMILY – Part 2 (Blu-Ray, Limited Edition Blu-Ray):
Spy dad Loid, assassin mom Yor, and telepathic adopted daughter Anya return to prevent a world war from being started in Westalis. But first, they have to enroll Anya in the prestigious Eden Academy and have her befriend the evil politician’s son.

*NOTE* Limited Edition is expected to contain Blu-Ray along with Notepad, Art Cards, Cufflinks & Sticker, but details have for the UK release have not been confirmed.

Amazon UK do have a tendency to list products from the US (and Germany), but these product listings above do seem to be for the UK releases. We can tell this by the product listings details (such as AISN ID, Distributor and Release Date), but more importantly all of the US versions of these titles are being released in February and have different listings on Amazon UK (with US box art images). A BBFC rating for Handyman Saitou in Another World also appeared online last week.

We expect that Crunchyroll will make some kind of formal announcement in the near future on social media, with links directing to pre-orders at retailers, but in the meantime product listings for these titles are available on Amazon UK with the products expected to be released during March 2024.

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