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Helck – 23

Thank Heaven for small favors, I suppose.  I’ve been losing interest in Helck lately, starting with the endless flashback arc and then the disappearance of Helck, Anne, and Piwi.  You can’t just flip a switch and have everything go back to the way it was, but having the main trio back is certainly a start.  I suspect enough damage has been done that my buy-in levels are never going to totally recover to their peak, but it would be nice to feel connected enough to at least finish the series (whenever that is).

As things stand, we rejoin our heroes as they journey towards a military camp at the southern edge of the demon kingdom.  Vermilio is acting on Azudora’s instructions of course, though not without serious reservations.  But unbeknownst to them that base is about to be attacked by a band of winged angels, and pretty much wiped out.  As it happens Mikaros has cast a spell which tells him where Helck is, having scooped up some of Helck’s blood after their last encounter (a body component being a necessary catalyst).

With Mikaros licking his wounds from his encounter with Azudora, it’s Rafeed who goes off to take take care of Helck.  It seems like a suicide run to be honest, given that Helck is so strong even Mikaros is afraid of him.  No question he views Helck as the greatest threat to his grand plan, and the current plan is to make Helck go berserk and rampage blindly, which Mikaros seems pretty confident he can do.  The vehicle for this is a female awakened human it’s safe to say is Alicia, and it does indeed seem likely that Helck is going to rage pretty hard when he sees her in her current state.


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