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The Apothecary Diaries #11 — Dramatic Lighting


Much subtlety.


Same as the last few, and the same commentary might as well be copy/pasted. About eight minutes of Maomao monologuing to explain it all, while the person in question, one of the high mucky-muck concubine’s honey maids, sits there glaring with knives glinting in the background, dead eyes, and ominous shadows over ever look. Maomao is, of course, 100% correct about absolutely everything, and the very second she gets finished speaking, the culprit breaks down in tears and throws herself on the mercy of the non-existent court. It’s so over the top that it could be a Phoenix Wright interrogation and really undercuts any idea that there’s any mystery, or even tension here, only monologues.

And then she goes off to get sad drunk with high mucky-muck… for about thirty seconds before the animation budget gives out, pans up past the starriest sky in existence, and we go back to monologuing. And the pretty boy too. Everybody’s sad drunk tonight. And then? More monologuing, wondering about baby swapping and who’s really who. And I just… don’t see a reason why I should care. She interacts with people so little in the last few episodes, and it’s always just to either monologue at them, or be monologued at. It might as well all be taking place in her fevered imagination from being driven crazy by the tedium of laundry.

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