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Patron Pick Fall 2023: Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen – 11

Fortunately Atarashii Joushi wa Do Tennen isn’t sticking with last week’s omake format for its final two episodes.  With no manga material left to adapt anything we get is going to be anime-original, and there was a sense of this not being quite on-point.  Still, it was fine – not a great episode by any means but one that felt relatively organic to the source material (as I assume it to be from the first nine eps).

Cat stuff is always good.  Hakutou’s button drama was amusing, as was that whole dance with meowing, getting picked up, shedding on the shirt, and complaining.  Many cats are inherently tsundere and a lint roller is a must for anyone who has to look smart for work.  That said, as this was happening I was thinking “who the hell puts on a suit to go see a real estate agent?”.  Which is exactly what I was supposed to be thinking, as it turned out.

I know cats from personal experience, and I also know from personal experience that Kichijoji is expensive.  I looked for an apartment in Kichijoji after staying in a share house there when I first moved to Tokyo, but eventually gave up – it’s just too desirable an area for the financially limited.  And if you think it’s hard to find a decent apartment in Tokyo, try doing it as a foreigner when 95% of landlords won’t even consider you (wholly illegal but wholly unenforced).  That graveyard bit was amusing – that is indeed a desirability-killer for Japanese housing.  That creates opportunities, but all those charms in the closet would have freaked me out a bit, I admit.

Original or not, I hope Kurono gets some sort of payback for all the misery he’s caused.  Seriously, this guy is beyond just a terrible boss – he’s a goddam menace.  Blocking all the contacts on Momose’s phone, seriously?  Momose really needs to face this down – he can’t even enjoy having his Sunshine City aquarium ad going up in Ikebukuro Station because it’s too close to his old company.  It’s great that Shirosaki is so protective but Momose needs to take control of his life here.  Throwing water on him, stabbing him with pens – that’s assault, no less.  If his company chooses to look the other way there are others outside parties who wouldn’t.

Finally, we have the apartment issue, and I’m kind of torn on this one.  I mean, if Momose likes living with Shirosaki I suppose he should keep doing it (even setting all innuendoes aside).  But it still feels like he’s too dependent, and this living arrangement isn’t helping in that respect.  Setting aside the question of whether there are any actual bosses that nice, Momose has to be someone who’s fine even without Shirosaki to prop him up.  Easier said than done and I know this is a comedy, but I think it kind of wants to be taken a little seriously in this respect.  It’ll be interesting to see how the anime finesses that in the finale.

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