Why Is Online Poker So Popular?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, you are no doubt aware of the mass appeal poker has enjoyed over that same period. From a seedy, backroom game played by questionable characters in smoke-filled rooms to a pastime enjoyed by tens of millions of people all across the world, the modern history of poker is as interesting of a story as anything else you could learn about.

However, one thing that has immeasurably contributed to the wild popularity of the game is the invention and evolution of poker online platforms. After poker exploded into the mainstream back in the early 2000s, poker websites began to pop up and grow at an exponential rate. Here are some of the reasons that online poker has created its own large, unique community within the gaming world:

Convenience and Ease-of-Access

This is probably the main reason why the internet version of poker grew to such heights of popularity so quickly. Most people don’t live within a reasonable driving distance of a casino or card room. Some people live in locations where it’s illegal to play physically but they can play online.

And even for those who might be only a few minutes away from a live game, the sheer convenience of being able to put on your lounging clothes, sit in your favorite comfortable spot, and play from home can still be more alluring than loading up and driving to a real-world room.

Promotions, Bonuses, and Perks

Something else that sets online game providers apart from brick-and-mortar spots is that they often offer a wide array of various benefits to their players. As a general rule, physical poker rooms aren’t able to match the types of perks offered online because they simply don’t have the massive player pool to create quality promos. Examples include:

Deposit bonuses
Various contests and competitions with prizes
Seasonal Offers

Variety of Games and Stakes

Another draw for poker online is the vast range of game types and stakes it offers. From cash to tournaments, micro to nosebleed blinds, and Hold ‘Em to PLO, online platforms literally have something for everyone.

Massive Technological Advancements

There has been a tremendous amount of progress made in the features and gameplay offered by online poker sites in the last 20 years. While overall user-friendliness is the main thing that most players are concerned with, the numerous other advancements in cyber security, deposit and payout methods, customer service, transparency, and many others have contributed significantly to the growth of the online game.

Joining the Poker Online Community at WPT

If you are looking to test the waters with online poker, or even if you’ve been playing for years but are looking for a new site with more to offer, WPT is a fantastic choice. A real-world brand that hosts some of the biggest brick-and-mortar tournaments in the world is the perfect provider to bring that same, high-end experience to the online community.

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