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Kingdoms of Ruin #12 — Environmental Disaster


Those poor velociraptors.


So, wait. He always had this super duper nuclear ice spell capable of freezing an entire continent, and was just sitting on it despite swearing genocidal ultra revenge? Also, I’m pretty certain that flash freezing an entire desert would completely kill off literally all life in it. Spare a thought for those poor cold-blooded velociraptors that are now extinct because he had to wave his dick around to beat a guy with rocket hands. And then the ghost of his master shows up to tell him good job, Pinky turns into a magical girl, and we cut to the evil witch out for a jog. Also, there’s some sumos. Roll credits. Wait, that one comic relief character from eight episodes ago is back… as a killer cyborg! This. This is how you’re ending your show. Perfection in idiocy.

And so we come to our bizarre ending, defeating Some Random Dude for no particular reason, in the middle of a city of sex robots that we mercy killed because that was easier than finding them a vibrator, while the evil sexist, genocidal queen dances the night away on the opposite side of the world having rid the world of terrorist moon witches. What a fun sentence to even ponder, and what a terrible show, but certainly wraps up why it was so funny to me. And I didn’t even mention the party village filled with velociraptors. Or that one random girl that people bullied for being traumatized by disaster, was recruited into the spec ops, and then disappeared from the show entirely. What a comedic disaster that is only made better by having zero awareness of how dumb it consistently is.

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