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Shut-In Vampire Princess #12 — Monkeys Out of Nowhere


I’m sorry, why are there monkeys again?


Normally, I’d probably find this episode kind of amusing because it has clearly lost all control of the script. It spent the entire episode spewing out completely random nonsense, from secret completely unguarded compounds of human experimentation to unceremoniously killing the big bad, to girl-Vegeta popping up to save the third-degree of side characters from… not much of anything… to literally screaming baboons. And all of it done so poorly. They free this supposed jail full of prisoners with hundreds of cells and… it’s literally just one room with I think five people. Who had been sitting patiently and quietly this entire time as people had screamin matches about their feelings right outside. And I’m sorry, but is the way that you’re trying to win over the feelings fight with your maid belittling her and telling her that servants are garbage and should always obey the nobility? Seriously? Seriously!?

The first arc was certainly the strongest, despite the trite bullying nonsense. Just that she actually fought without her powers for a bit instead of using them as an excuse to ritually execute some people who could barely fight back put it ahead of the following two. She barely even did anything whatsoever in the second two except antagonize the villains du jour and make every single problem worse until oops, super saiyan mode kicked in and its time to indulge in some gratuitous vengeance. And ending on such a mess of a final episode does nothing good for a final impression either. It filled half an hour on Saturdays without being too awful. That’s the most that can really be said for it.

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