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Fluffy Things, Other World, Etc #01 — In With the Same


An appropriate start to the new year.


…Yep, it is as awful as it appeared. Which is better than expected because when I dug into the source at all, it got significantly worse, but as far as this episode goes? Just painfully repetitive cliches and stupidity. I think the most obnoxious part was the supposed adult in a child’s body throwing tantrums and screaming nonstop, but that shouldn’t take away from the overall horribleness of the premise and how it just kept getting worse. I’m just a regular person who died from overwork, with nothing in this new world. Except my biillions of riches. And my status. And my super power. And my other super power. And my giant tiger. And this dragon. Sure, Batman. You’re just a regular dude.

Nor should it take away from the production, which is only salvaged slightly by its complete lack of ambition. This is not a well animated show that will be appearing in any animation highlight reels. Except perhaps as an example of randomly throwing in speedlines to pretend like a still shot is moving to show what not to do. I don’t know why these things keep being made, and even among the drek, this might only stand out as being more of the most generic, which is a sentiment I feel like I am saying far, far too often when it comes to this crap, but I honestly am not sure what I could tell you about this episode that makes it at all unique, and if I did put it into a sentence, I’d just be reciting the title of the damn show.


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