Blue Flag For This Generation

I feel like Blue Flag was speaking for the generation of now. How much non-understanding there is for people of all sexualities. when it comes to feelings. 

Kaito became known to me reading his first work Cross Manage few years ago which I enjoyed thoroughly about a guy who becomes the manager of a Lacross team thanks to the persistent from one of the members. The quality of dynamic and relations between the characters relationship was the takeaway from reading this series and a trait author Kaito does well at. Blue Flag I held off reading until last year, and was a slow read over a couple of months, my recommendation is for this to be a slow read for others as this manga is very detailed and busy among the panels. Lots of important dialogue to take in which I had to go read over multiple times. Deep dialogue surrounding three main characters and their intertwining, pure emotions each harboured while trying to keep their trip circle together. 


Blue Flag I enjoyed the ride and the LGBT representation, for me left a vital impression and acceptance for this generation of readers. What do I mean by this? Titles like Blue Flag breaking misinformation of what love itself is and label of “have it figured out now” that is drummed into our young culture. Kaito has created an honest work towards these themes I took away from. It was a springboard affect watching Touma, Futuba and Tachi’s bond go off in various directions in response to one another’s feelings and that goes for the other characters as well. 

One of my favourite characters was actually Mami who is in love with Touma but doesn’t reciprocate her affections back. Mami has a big voice in this manga, someone who isn’t afraid to raise about things that others won’t. Such topic that comes up about girls and guys can’t be friends thing as Mami desires to at least be friends with Touma. But such a thing is seen still now as impossible especially if you have previously dated. Mami raises her passionate opinion on such matter and it was empowering to read honestly, of why is such a thing looked down upon and what is it to anyone. About why people to stick their noses into the choice like that we make for ourselves especially as a woman. Maybe it leans on minor feminism here I thought but I was behind on Mami’s actions. 

This manga had a lot of dialogue for me to take in and sometimes I don’t do well with busy busy manga panels but taking the extra time to read helped me enjoy this work a lot more which I highly encourage others do. Blue Flag at times felt a little intense when it came to unspoken feelings but this is not a discredit in fact is a massive positive. Nothing wrong with a bit of intensity, a quality I look for titles like this. I ensure you it is there and boy are you slapped in the face over and over. Unsureness, shame, acceptance, self esteem, wanting are some of what will come your way when the characters are expressing their unheard emotions, one particular scene that will leave you taken back. 

My only gripe with this series was the ending, some thought it was fantastic, We’re over here in the margin of “How did this come about when I didn’t think was possible”. Questionable that leaves me wondering of why at the end but that is something for others to judge when they get there. 

I can’t do manga reviews like I use to anymore and this year will not leave me much room to write as it is but in short posts like this I’ll be able to get across my main takeaways. For how things will be going forward. 

See you in the next post! 

Lita Kino

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