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Slave of the Demon-Fighting Elite #01 — Face Sucking


Meh. Hardly even any drool.


…And then there’s the exposition in this show. After watching a girl transform her arm into a minigun and another grow to fifty feet tall, the protagonist thinks to himself “Hold on. These people have super powers.” I find that far easier to chuckle at, if for no other reason as that’s just where they leave it. Dude makes the most banal observation and leaves all the rest to a post-ED powerpoint scene to actually explain the powers. The dude here is definitely the weak link of the show. Not that the girls are going to win any awards. They’re absolutely the standard harem from Every Visual Novel Or Fighting High School Of 2012 Ever Made, but they’re confident, competent, and generally affable. They’re a breath of fresh air compared to modern trends. It also does a better job in making the monsters seem like actual threats than Ishura did, even without grautious dismemberment just by being fast and agile instead of wobbling eggs, which helps make the characters come off as competent fighters as well. A decent budget does a lot there too, ugly CGI notwithstanding. It definitely wouldn’t have worked with speedlines half-assing it.

But that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of warts. The protagonist may be far from the worst, but he’s still an annoying dude who exists so far merely to repeat back the last thing said and be something for the lead girl to rub herself on in one of the corniest not-sex scenes I’ve seen in a while. That entire bit was bad. And I’ve translated straight up pornography about this kind of setup. Definitely well short of Campione’s hilarious sloppy kissing. And I know I just praised the monster fighting a bit, but they really could have been better as an actual threat, especially when they swarmed up and turned into a big one. I think over to Garou/Vanishing Line’s opening monster fights, and the protagonists were certainly always competent, but it wasn’t just them carving through an endless wave until they spontaneously declared that sure, they haven’t broken a sweat yet, but it’s actually hopeless.

It’s not going to win you over if you don’t miss the fighting harem shows of ten years ago, but honestly, I do at this point, even if it’s just shellshock from the endless cheat power BS. Even among those, it’s on the better side of minimal trashiness and action. 

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