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My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer Review — B-

All the girls love dads.

I enjoyed this show much more than I expected. It has a lovely animation style, it’s different in its focus from all the other shows in the genre, and it mixed things up enough not to get stale. That said, it was never great by any stretch of the imagination. Solid and largely unambitious.

The main weakness in my opinion was the two main characters. They were pretty forgettable, especially when you compare them to everybody else.

Storytelling – B – Solid.
Voice – B – Generic setting but slightly different angle.
Characters – C – Dad and daughter were weak.
Attention Grab – B – Mostly kept my attention.
Production – B – Cool art style, especially the colors.
Overall – B-

Recommendations – Usagi Drop (just kidding, don’t worry)

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