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The Apothecary Diaries #13 — Moving Day


The less things change, the more they stay the same.

The level 9999 tank or whatever show airs really late (should just be finishing as this post goes up), and the dogs need walking before the rains return. I’ve put them long enough. I’ll get to it in a bit.


My interest here has waned pretty hard and I don’t think that a reboot is what was needed. Let alone something requiring a recap, though thankfully just for a couple minutes. You were off for a week, guys. Especially such a hard reboot that is seemingly throwing out everybody but three characters into the shadow realm just to replace them with virtually identical ones. Out with the large breasted haughty concubines and elderly bustling doctor, in with the large breasted haughty clerks and elderly bustling maid. At least there’s a new OP? I guess?

It didn’t help that it also did a lot of things with not much of a reason behind them. Your name is Xiaomao now. You’re taking the clerk exam. Oh, you failed it, well, whatever, that wasn’t a big deal anyway. What even is going on here? Why are we doing any of this? Why is a dude with a monocle constantly staring menacingly from balconies? I’m not feeling intrigued by all this, and from the past twelve episodes, don’t have much confidence that it’s going to be coming together any time soon either. Nor did it get back to Maomao Xiaomao interacting with anybody really, just continuing to monologue, nor even discovering any local mysteries, let alone solving them. How different the first episode feels where she not only got kidnapped, but met people, and investigated and solved a mystery. 

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