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Villain’s Day Off #01 — The Evil of Banality



Oh, oops. This is a Sunday show too. Forgot about it.


I feel like the thing that so many of these shows get completely wrong is by half-assing the entire premise. The west especially has had a ton of shows about superheroes and supervillains trying to do normal lives as comedies, from Venture Bros to Harley Quinn, going far back as Space Ghost Coast to Coast or The Justice Friends. And there is humor in the Joker being thwarted by the petty evil of the PTA, or the endless powers of the cosmos which are useless against the frustration of having to deal with Bill who keeps letting his dachsund poop on the lawn.

But what so many of these anime do is just have a dude declare “I am a supervillain, but I will not be doing any supervillain things.” And then just leave it. The few that kind of work, like the Gelato Five show or that one about the monster-making lady put enough effort into the sentai side to make it an actual part of the show. When they don’t, like this one has zero interest in doing, it ends up being a dude doing absolutely nothing, but being a bit melodramatic about it. And that’s the only joke, told over, and over, and over, and over again. In about five completely disconnected segments, because adapting means not bothering to make anything flow or work together at all. Even that became tired years ago when the “fourteen sick” chuunibyou crap was all the rage. Well, I guess they spent almost no money in producing this, so not much lost either.

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