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Delusion Monthly Magazine #01 — Mou More


I pity the translators here.

Witch and Beast, another were-person show is the last premiere for today, but I need to take care of some stuff for a bit.


This one, on the other hand, did advertise what it was from the start; a lot of the same DNA as something like Marginal Service which is trying very, very hard to be slapstick, but also cater to the beefcake furry crowd. It’s not anywhere near as over the top as Marginal Service was though, and leans much, much more heavily into the ‘comedy,’ which as usual, means overreactions and yelling. Despite having and advertising the were-people fighting, it absolutely does not have the budget to be any kind of passable action show.

Marginal Service’s humor often worked because most of the characters took themselves so seriously but were matched up with ridiculous idiots or doing dumb stuff. And it still was just mostly notable for being off-kilter and weird, not actually good. This is a lot more childish, which isn’t to say it isn’t pretty weird every once and a while. But the funniest people in the show were probably the random MIB dudes chasing them who had absolutely no idea what they were doing and were freaked the hell out by having to suddenly deal with a rampaging weretiger. That’s thin gruel though, and most of the humor was just a comic relief dude yelling overreactions to everything in between expositions about the “mou” land (as in mousou/delusion), which has mou parts, and mou people, and mou animal-people and mou culture and if you drank every time they said mou, you wouldn’t survive the episode.


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