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Slave of the Elite #02 — Catering to Fetishes


Yep. There it is.


Delicious In Dungeon’s second episode began with a whole messy dump of status screens parchments, and lost me in its first couple minutes. Perhaps I’ll check back in three months when it supposedly gets better, but so far, it’s just boring me, and in the same ways as the zillion other RPG fantasy worlds that end up being reciting from the Monster Manual for 20 minutes straight. I can’t say that the episode here was any better though, and it’s already gone from borderline servicable to rather obnoxious and on the chopping block, but its screenshots are certainly more illustrative of… its issues… not to mention its nonsense is at least more outlandish to summarize than “they hunted a chicken, I mean monster chicken, and it had a poisonous organ.”

Even that may be a little too generous though, as it’s not so much anything interesting as it is bad harem cliches that have been left in the closet to rightfully collect mold for a couple years. This was definitely entirely a fetish episode around the teasing/flirting girl, with a specific focus on giant women sitting on dudes and/or stuffing people into orifaces, with an excessive amount of screaming overreaction faces. He does the usual harem shenanigans of walking in on them naked, accidentally picking up underwear strewn everywhere, etc, before playing Strip Street Fighter, and embarking on a quest to find laundry to suck on, because apparently like all of them, this is a bodily fluid based magic. Which also raises quests for me because he’s licking the outside of the boot. Perhaps it’s psychosomatic. 

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