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The Witch and the Beast #01 — Downtown Shark


That was the laziest giant monster I’ve seen in a long time.


You’ve really got to be impressed that Yokohama Lab keeps getting anybody to produce shows for them. Or maybe it’s the other way around. “We’re looking for a studio to produce a show about witches and mutilating women, and absolutely do not want to spend any money doing so.” And Yokohama rolls up, eager to take the contract. Yeah, sure, it’s only the last two shows that have been about witches and mutilation in particular (Kindoms of Ruin), but all of their shows have been low budget fiascos, and somehow, they keep doing these ostensibly big budget action or adventure things that sell themselves on spectacle despite having neither the talent nor budget to get anywhere close. At least, I assume that a giant shark rolling through downtown for about 5 seconds before it was killed was supposed to be spectacle. At least it wasn’t CGI, though with I think 6 total frames of animation, that might have improved it.

There’s not much of a case for this being a more procedural or adventure kind of story from this episode either. They roll into town, witch saves it from a monster, and they’re bad for doubting her as the town’s savior. Not five minutes later, her most ardent defender is waking up naked and mutilated in a pile of corpses to listen to a five minute monologue on how this is all vengeance for persecution of her ancestors and the entire city is on fire as we watch people gratuitously scream and be incinerated. It’s definitely trying to tap into the same silliness as Kingdoms of Ruin, but I’m over it at this point, and it’s not as comically over the top/so edgy it could cut itself on its own darkness, which robs it of all unintentional comedy value. And that just leaves the godawful script and worse animation.


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