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ONE PIECE Egghead Arc Streaming Weekly on Netflix UK

In rather interesting move the new Egghead Arc of TOEI Animation’s ONE PIECE anime series is available to stream on Netflix in the UK (as well as in other European countries), with new episodes being added weekly. Each episode will be in Japanese with (English) subtitles.

From what we can tell Netflix will be adding one new episode from the Egghead Arc each Saturday afternoon, but surprisingly the episode will be 1 week/episode behind the current episode available on Crunchyroll. Before now the only way to watch new episodes of ONE PIECE in the UK was to stream it on Crunchyroll, with each episode added an hour (or so) after its Japanese TV broadcast.

What’s even more bizarre is that the previous 1088 episodes of ONE PIECE are not yet available to stream on Netflix in the UK, and it is unknown when (or if) they will become available. In America Netflix does offer a wide selection of ONE PIECE arcs, but as it stands the only way to watch all of ONE PIECE (in subtitled form) is via Crunchyroll.

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