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The Apothecary Diaries #15 — Binge and Purge


Yo, can the CGI horse back the hell off?


Perhaps this will be a strange thing to note, but this episode was weirdly dull. Or maybe that’s just coming off attempting to watch the second episode of that Mappa original show with a dude screaming nonstop about his virginity and/or diarrhea. But also, this was a very dude-centric episode, and every single one of them is dressed in the same drab garb compared to all the prostitutes and concubines who are always dolled up. Or maybe it was those closeups of CGI horses that put the “this looks unusually bad for this show” into my head and nothing dislodged that thought.

Or perhaps it was just a very monologue heavy episode that once again did not at all seem like a mystery that required a specialist so much as somebody to investigate… anything, and the most obviously suspicious dude was the culprit, which was a huge surprise because he was also pretty much the only suspect, and even then, only had like 15 seconds of screen time to yell “I AM SO SUSPICIOUS” before being carted away off-screen. The fish was poison. But everybody denies it. Wait, could the poison be something else? …Yep. I guess the monocle guy finally actually shows up and talks for a couple minutes after spendng the last month lurking on balconies, but he too just seems content to hang around and announce how suspicious he is, no doubt to retreat back to lurk on balconies once more. 

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