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Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san – 03

We’re still early in the season.  The bubbles are still forming, and there’s the Patron Pick balloting to consider.  But I have to say, Kyuujitsu no Warumono-san is working for me.  I recognize that this is a “horses for courses” thing, more fit than anything (as many shows which fill this niche are).  But if the shoe fits, as they say, and it fits here.  I’m buying what Warumono-san is selling, and I feel like I know the level at which it’s trying to operate (which may be a little deeper than most viewers give it credit for).

One nice thing about this series is that it features a lot of good actors having fun in smaller roles, and that certainly applies to Saitou Souma as Rooney.  The liberties Rooney takes with Warumono-san tell me that he’s the same person at work that he is at the zoo or the bus stop.  He’s just a nice guy whose job is totally incongruous with his personality.   Who knows how that happened?  Maybe it’s a hereditary gig on his planet.  Maybe he’s a genius who was expected to take the role for the good of his people.  But I don’t think Earth and all its cute things are changing him – that’s just who he is.

The Japanese love of the kotatsu is legend, to be sure (I prefer floor heating myself, but it’s a lot more expensive).  Meat buns too of course, and buns (of many varieties) play a major role in this episode.  The thing about the General is not just that he’s nice, but that he’s sentimental.  I get this guy – I see myself in him.  I totally wouldn’t want to eat a panda bun.  I’d totally put my snow bunny (in Tokyo you’re lucky if a “snowstorm” gives you enough to make one) in the freezer, and be sad when it dehydrated and fell apart.  I kind of think it’s one of those “you either get it or you don’t” sort of things – to a lot of people (maybe most) all that probably seems very silly.

Japan has many wondrous things, but a specially designed microwave steamer for pork buns is a new one on me.  What a marvelous device indeed, Mugi (he and Sora are played by the same seiyuu by the way, Yamamura Hibiku – and Blue is Eguchi Takuya).  I can’t say I’ve ever had the pancake effect Warumono-san and Ranger Red suffered (wrapping too tight would definitely do it), but they never taste the same at home as they do out of the convenience store display case.

Finally, we have a visit from Santa.  Warumono-san does what he does, helping the old man up a flight of steps at Ueno Park.  He is indeed a good boy, Santa-san – and his reward is a visit to the North Pole in his dreams, to help Santa get ready for another venture out.  I have to think Santa is a pretty good judge of people (otherwise what’s the point?) and he obviously knows his benefactor is an alien.  So if Warumono gets Santa’s seal of approval, that pretty much seals the deal on his ultimately going over to the good side for good as far as I’m concerned.

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