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The Apothecary Diaries #16 — Security By Rube Goldberg


What next? Maomao solves the riddle of the Tower of Hanoi?


These filler ‘mystery’ episodes are the worst. “Hey Maomao, we need you to solve… uh… ummmmmm… this puzzle box!” I think the real question is what it stole the solution from; Indiana Jones or the Hobbit. But it had to add its own special twist, so it was the heat of this convoluted aquarium nonsense focused on one specific spot that made the entire thing work, and yet none of his family ever had any idea how the ridiculous Rube Goldberg setup worked, and luckily, not a single piece of it had been touched or jostled in the slightest despite this super duper mystery that they were eager to investigate. It’s so painfully and overtly contrived.

But the real sin is the same as most of these other minor mysteries. Maomao doesn’t actually do anything or interact with anybody at all. She sits quietly in the corner as everybody spews out some facts, and then she explains the entire thing, being completely correct every single time even while it’s trying to present her as just putting up a theory. Her gueses are literally never wrong, no matter how outlandish they might be. There is never a satisfying flash of insight or epiphany, and certainly not ever from the peanut gallery. Being so perfect all the time at everything is so damn boring.


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