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Synduality Noir #16 — Behold the Bell Pepper


And think of mortality.


They’re not killing off the titular character to a show with about eight or so episodes to go, so this whole episode attempting to tearjerk over that was just silly. Kanata wasn’t doing himself any favors either by being completely oblivious, especially when Mystere says stuff like “In two days, there will not be any more need for Noir, EVER.” And his response is “Yippie! We can finally find out about that magic place!” instead of probing any further into that. Certainly Mystere isn’t either, though right up until the end of the episode, I assumed she wasn’t sociopathic enough to go through with the full deletion out of general respect for sentient life and other people, but so much for that as well. Which results in all the characters coming off quite poorly in an episode that is meant to be tragic.

The whole thing is crippled from the start by the premise though. It’s back to that really revolting magus-as-slaves stuff, where Noir is depressed because she thinks she’s useless and she’s supposed to serve her master. Rather than anybody push back on that, the episode is spent indulging in that mindset and doing silly cooking montages for giggles. Yes, what a character study of a child-like mind, depressed in her final hours for not being a good enough slave. Really not certain I can get into the proper mind-space to ‘enjoy’ that.


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