Qifrey A Great Harry Potter Teacher?

Qifrey would make learning would not make learning boring!

If Hogwarts had a quifrey oh things would be interesting haha. 

Since last year my attempt to catch up on all the manga I haven’t caught up on has been rather successful, one such I was behind on was Witch Hat Atelier. Stumbled across this magical title at a library and volume one has you spellbound surrounding a young girl named Coco a daughter of a dressmaker. Coco dreams of being able to cast magic and upon witnessing a witches display of magic named Qifrey, she accidently messing with forces she shouldn’t, turning her mother to stone. Qifrey takes Coco under his wing as a apprentice as he suspects a coven is behind Coco’s mothers incident and have a deep interest in her. 

Kamome Shirahama the author of this series has created a memorising work, the art work is the best attribute above everything else. Every panel has a stroke of precision and care, level of detail is astounding and is a series I say why aren’t you reading this work. Witch Hat Atelier has all the all in one manga package to me where I could never fault this work. If you are a Harry Potter fan then this is the follow up full of wonder, magic and endless possibilities. Qifrey Coco’s master you could call a younger version of dumbledore, never giving away all the answers, inquisitive and curious but also kind. I truly have enjoyed Quifrey presence and the care he has for his younger apperitences. Why I thought if you had him at Hogwarts, you would never be bored. 

The Purpose Of Magic To Witch

Dumbledore was a excellent teacher of the extend and aid magic can do for young wizards, the limitations but then possibilities. Qifrey channels the same values and teachings in this world witches live in, young witch Coco is the biggest constant learner of magic. In the world of the manga there are a outside group known as the brimmed hats whose desire is to unleash forbidden magic once again to the world, individuals who don’t want to be limited when the current world status did not serve them. The brimmed hats group leave a insatiable lure for weak souls who want a instant fix but must give back in return, always a catch. These dark forces play on the deep wants of people with such ease, at points reading it was sickening for me when I was reading. Having this powerful presence in the magic propels the important teachings of magic of playing with a life force that witches rely on day in and day out. 

Qifrey is not a perfect witch, when learning his backstory but towards his young apprentices his teachings are taken in positive response, especially with young Coco. The relationship between Coco and Qifrey is doting and adorable. Qifrey reminds constantly magic is your friend if what your purpose for is good with intention. Learning magic is a full of endless but Qifrey never lets up on what you’re intention with it is, if its purposeful and good, only then you start to look upon yourself as a good witch. Somebody creating with noble intent. Selfish reasoning sends witches on the wrong path in possession of something greater than they can handle, being a witch is seen a privilege to those who cannot not imagine. Why so many veer down the wrong way when intending to learn magic and emark on the witches journey. Intent is everything when it comes to magic and Qifrey engrains this into his apprentices.  

This is why I Qifrey reminded me of Dumbledore and they should hire him immediately. 

If you aren’t reading this manga then you need to get on it!! 

See you in the next post!! 


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