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The Apothecary Diaries #17 — Dressing Down


A wig and glasses would have been overkill.


That was a lot of effort, half an entire episode’s worth to be precise, for something that shows usually do by putting on a pair of glasses or doing their hair slightly differently. I suspect that they’re just out of ideas, so it’s time to recycle them. In the first half, they made Maomao Xiaomao different with makeup, so now it’s time to do the same for Jinshi. But that took too much brainpower and none was left for coming up with any real excuse for it, so they just wander around town a bit until bumping into some of the local street walkers for the dramatic music to kick in and get an exposition on the evils of pregnancy in commerce. 

So a very meandering and slow episode. At least Maomao was actually talking to someone instead of monologuing, but this ‘relationship’ doesn’t exist, I have zero confidence it will ever exist within the frame of the anime at least, and still has all the squickiness of him literally owning her, which they continue to more romanticize than confront. The times when they’re amusing together is when they’re teasing each other and being little gremlins, and there was very little of that this episode, on top of being no story, half-assed puzzle box or otherwise. Once again, it feels like everything’s ground to a halt. There’s nothing going on, and no characters are stepping up to take the stage or have any raison d’etre. Just passing the days until the season is over, no doubt to end with some ‘shocking’ reveal about the monocle dude and pregnant prostitutes. 

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