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HunterX: code name T Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Independent games studio ORANGE POPCORN have today confirmed that HunterX: code name T, which is a sequel to HunterX, is now available digitally for the Nintendo Switch (via the Nintendo eShop) within Europe and North America. The game is also available on the Nintendo eShop with a 20% launch discount 20th February 2024.

HunterX: code name T allows players to embark on a fateful journey as the devil hunter Taiyo as he seeks to confront his own identity and vanquish formidable foes under the luminous glow of the returning Purple Moon. Much like the previous title HunterX: code name T is expected to feature fast and stylish combat mechanics while allowing planes to hone their skills and explore a unique world.

Key Features:

A fast, stylish combat in an action-adventure setting.

Customize fighting styles with diverse weapon actions and magic while exploring an expanding world.

Join Taiyo, a devil hunter on a quest to confront memories and hunt devils in a fractured world.

Explore a vast, time-spanning world, encountering gripping stories and challenging adversaries.

Customize combat with various weapons, utilizing specific actions and collecting items to exploit enemy weaknesses.

HunterX: code name T is now available digitally on the Nintendo eShop within Europe and North America, with pre-orders for the Asian version now available. The game itself is priced at £13.89, but is available with a 20% launch discount until 20th February 2024.

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