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Slave of the Elite #06 — Powering Up to Power Up


It’s 2024. Get a stopwatch.


I really wish there was more to say about these episodes, but the plot is so nonexistent. We go from sparring for no particular reason to fighting a bunch of random other people for no particular reason. That they happened to be in the area, I guess. We’re well into the part where they should be at least some kind of major antagonist stepping out of the shadows with some kind of plan, but this is the second group of monster randos and I couldn’t even tell you if they’re aligned with the first group or just a pack of roving one-off antagonists.

At least the action remains constant, if still unfortunately mediocre and full of weird nonsense that seems like it should have been important, but isn’t at all. He gets a second form… to kill some of the horde. The sleepy girl can go super saiyan for a limited amount of time, which like all Dragonball things, the time given and the time in episode do not match up at all. The fanservice this week was limited to some random nipples and a kiss, but I guess at least they’re sidelining the dude mostly, which I’m considering a good thing considering how he’s more of a prop than a character. And next week? Apparently a fight between two tertiary characters. Oh… boy?

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