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Pluto is a Japanese anime series adapted from the manga of the same name created by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki. Season 1 of the anime adaptation premiered in 2009 and consists of eight episodes. It is set in a futuristic world and provides a dramatic sci-fi mystery story for mature audiences.

Plot Summary

The story is based in a world where humans and robots coexist. Europol robot detective Gesicht is investigating a string of murders of the world’s most powerful robots, who had been involved in the 39th Central Asian War. The killer’s face is masked, but their modus operandi resembles that of the powerful hero robot Pluto, now deactivated. As Gesicht investigates with his partner Otto, the mystery unfolds and hidden secrets of the Central Asian War rise to the surface.

A Spectacular Venture into Dystopia: “Pluto (Season 1) 1080p Dual Audio HEVC”

Pluto, a product of profound collaboration between Genco, Tezuka Productions, and NetEase, is a pioneering Original Net Animation (ONA) series that has decisively made its mark in the realm of animation. This captivating series, characterized by dual audio inputs and 1080p HEVC format, offers a spectacular foray in high-definition serialized animation.

Initially aired on October 26, 2023, “Pluto” comprises an electrifying series of 8 episodes. Despite the unfortunately brief life span, it successfully lured and held audiences spellbound, promptly changing its status to “Finished Airing”. This, however, was a bittersweet moment for the countless fans who were left astounded by the unmatched aesthetic quality of 1080p dual audio HEVC animation along with the immersive dual audio experience, but pained by the melancholy of its conclusion.

Studio M2, an innovative animation studio, is the driving force behind the state-of-the-art visual experiences “Pluto” promises. Each episode runs for a lengthy duration of 1 hour and 1 minute, promising an hour-long journey into an enthralling universe of action, mystery, sci-fi, and suspense. The sheer length of every episode paired with the mesmerizing 1080p dual audio HEVC animation leaves viewers at the edge of their seats, forging an inexplicable bond between themselves and the series.

The series is based on a popular Manga source, a blend of richly embroidered reality and fantasy. The narrative thrusts into the hardcore realm of Action, Mystery, and Sci-Fi, underscored with a layer of Suspense. The result? An engrossing narrative that reaches out from the screen and grips the viewers, refusing to let go until the end credit rolls.

However, “Pluto” is not solely about action and thrill. By incorporating the elements of Mecha and Psychological, it dives into representing the fragile state of human emotions and relationships, namely fear, resilience, and the struggle to make sense of chaos. This is indeed a beautiful illustration of the popular Seinen demographic, infusing maturity and depth into the animation series, creating a series that strikes a balance between fanciful entertainment and thought-provoking art.

Despite its captivating content, “Pluto” delivers a PG-13 rating – an indication of the appropriateness for Teens 13 or older. This speaks volumes about the series’ commitment to responsible storytelling, ensuring that its intrigue does not wander into the realm of overt or unnecessary provocativeness.

Although there aren’t licensors associated with the series yet, the immense potential “Pluto” continues to demonstrate underscores the fact that it’s only a matter of time before this hidden gem is discovered and appreciated by larger, more diverse audiences.

In essence, “Pluto (Season 1) 1080p Dual Audio HEVC” marks a pinnacle in the journey of ONA, challenging the traditional perceptions about animated storytelling and promising an era of potent narratives pulsating with extraordinary visual and auditory experiences. As we await the next offering from Studio M2, lovers of animation worldwide will undoubtedly cherish “Pluto” as a masterpiece woven with the threads of innovation, passion, and exceptional creativity.

Main Characters

Gesicht – The Europol robot detective protagonist determined to solve the serial murder case.
Atom/Astro Boy – A robot boy with advanced AI who befriends Gesicht. He is one of the potential targets.
Pluto – Once a war hero, now inactive. Suspected to be behind the recent murders.
Dr. Tenma – Atom’s creator, who has hidden connections to Pluto’s past.

Key Themes

What it means to be human versus artificial intelligence
The power of memory, especially traumatic memories of war
Prejudice and discrimination against sentient robot beings
The hidden costs of progress and advancement

Why It’s Worth Watching

An intricate, slowly unraveling mystery
Complex, engaging characters grappling with existential questions
Thought-provoking philosophical themes
Stunning animation and an immersive dystopian future setting
A fresh sci-fi take on iconic Astro Boy characters and world

With its dark, sophisticated tone, Pluto provides a compelling anime experience that explores the lines between humans and technology through a lens of mystery.


Type: ONA
Episodes: 8
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 26, 2023
Producers: Genco, Tezuka Productions, NetEase
Licensors: None found, add some
Studios: Studio M2
Source: Manga
Genres: Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Suspense
Themes: Mecha, Psychological
Demographic: Seinen
Duration: 1 hr. 1 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 – Teens 13 or older

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