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The Apothecary Diaries #18 — Prostitute Soup


We’ve just given up on the entire mystery side after the mystery box episode, huh?


Another very dull and pretty pointless episode, driven home mainly by the bath scene with all the standard nipples being just barely obscured or out of frame. Oh, sure, we finally get it spat out what the deal is with the monocle dude, but what they forgot is… basically everything else. Why we should care. What the point of him is. Any involvement with the characters or story. He’s had a couple chats with one dude, but is not actually involved with… well, anything whatsoever. And I think Maomao has commented on him lurking around once since his appearance, and has had zero interactions with him since then. So they could have pointed to any random dude and had them declare Maomao was their daughter and it’d have as much impact and point.

And that’s the ‘high’ point of the episode. The rest was just Maomao kind of puttering around, doing a tour of various people; saying hi to foster-dad, reminding us that the bully lady exists, bath with the prostitutes, taking care of some random dying one. That last part was especially kind of funny to me. Oh, sure, we’re a society that sexually enslaves women, engages in collective punishment, and any number of other horrific human rights abuses, but we care for our dying slaves instead of throwing them out on the street. Really? Really?  


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