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What Is Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion?

Domain expansion has become the new trademark of the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom just like the Bankai from Bleach. Many different domain expansions have been revealed so far and every one of them has been more interesting than the last but the most exciting domain expansion just got revealed. In this article, we will be looking at what is Yuta Okkotsu’s domain expansion and go into detail about it. Yuta Okkotsu’s domain expansion was finally revealed to us in chapter 249 of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga.

Revelation of Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion

What Is Yuta Okkotsu’s Domain Expansion?

After waiting for so long Gege Akutami has finally revealed the domain expansion of the most hyped-up special-grade sorcerer and the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Yuta Okkotsu. After Gojo Satoru the strongest sorcerer considered by many is Yuta Okkotsu and his domain expansion was revealed to be called “True Mutual Love” or “Authentic Mutual Love”. Yuta is the only character in the series who represents true love due to his relationship with his childhood friend Rika, now-turned the “Queen Of Curses”.

At first, people were not sure about what Yuta’s cursed technique was and people were still confused by whether his cursed technique was “copy” or “Rika” was his cursed technique but after seeing his domain expansion we can say with certainty that copy was his cursed technique all along and Rika was an addition to his arsenal still connected to him.

True Mutual Love

During the Culling Games arc, Yuta after killing Kenjaku races towards Sukuna while blaming himself for not handling Sukuna earlier, and after reaching Sukuna he and Rika clash with the “King of Curses”. During this fight, Yuta activates True Mutual Love and goes for Sukuna’s extra limbs so that Yuji can deal with Sukuna and save Megumi. Both the protagonists fight to save the fate of humanity.

True Mutual Love: Appearance

As Yuta uses his domain expansion, the world around him starts to crumble and as his domain is erected we see that the area gets surrounded by knots, crosses, and swords. The swords symbolize all the different cursed techniques Yuta has copied throughout the years, which he can use after holding the sword in the domain. The knots and crosses may refer to love and deep mutual bonds as the name of the domain might suggest. These knots can even be seen in traditional Japanese weddings as they symbolize love and everlasting bonds since the more you pull them apart they get stronger. Visually the swords look like the Field of Swords from Fate/Stay Night.

True Mutual Love: Powers & Abilities

In his domain, Yuta can utilize all the cursed techniques that he has copied throughout the years and use them as sure-hit attacks. In the chapter, Yuta uses the ice cursed technique that he copied from Uro during their fight and uses it against Sukuna. This is one of the strongest domains we have seen during the manga. Since it allows Yuta to change the sure-hit attack to anything he wants according to the enemies Yuta is facing and also use them in combination with each other to defeat his enemies.

Yuta can even use Angel’s cursed technique to nullify Sukuna’s cursed technique and defeat the King of Curses if everything goes according to his plan.

Yuta vs Sukuna

Yuta vs Sukuna is probably one of the most important fights of the series not only because of what’s at stake but also their contrasting ideologies where Yuta and Rika represent love and Sukuna does not even acknowledge love. Also, their huge reputations are at stake here since the man who can surpass Gojo and the Queen of Curses is going up against the King of Curses. All 3 of them have the biggest cursed energy pools among everyone.

Both of them have amazing records as well. Yuta has killed every major villain he has faced off against including special-grade curses and sorcerers including Geto Suguru and Kenjaku both of them being the main antagonists of the story. Sukuna has not only killed the fan favourite and the strongest jujutsu sorcerer Gojo Satoru but other very strong special-grade sorcerers and curses. This fight is going to play a huge role in the ending of the story since Yuta and Sukuna both seem to be Gege’s favorites so predicting the outcome of this fight is very difficult for everyone. But since Yuji is also involved in this fight the 2 main protagonists will give the main antagonist of the series a run for his money.


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